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Rejection... 3 ways to overcome the fear

If you've been in business for longer than a week, you've probably been rejected.

Rejection is one of those feelings that makes most people feel anxious, even nauseous at the thought of. But the truth is, if we want to be successful in business we need to accept that rejection is a part of the process.

Nobody goes undefeated in business or sales. It's not boxing where you can retire with a 75-0 record. Instead, it's much more like mixed martial arts. You win some, you lose some. But nobody goes undefeated.

The fact that every single successful business person on earth has been rejected countless times provides some comfort, but it still doesn't stop that feeling of dread at the pit of your stomach when somebody rejects your offer.

Here are some tactics to help you become comfortable with rejection, to accept it and dare I say it, embrace it.

1) Know your numbers. When you understand your sales conversion rate, for example for every 10 people you speak with, you close 3 sales, you start to become very accepting of rejection. You even get excited after a couple of rejections because you know that statistically a win is just around the corner.

Start tracking your sales conversations in a spreadsheet and calculate exactly how many meetings you need to have, to close 1 sale.

Of course, you can work to increase your conversion rate over time, but when you realise that even the most successful businesses on the planet make millions with 10%, 20% or 30% close rates then you'll realise that getting rejected often is a sign your taking action and making progress.

2) Create abundance in your pipeline. When you only have one or two deals on the table, and one of them pulls out then it's a gut wrenching blow. But if you have 50 potential clients in your pipeline, losing one of them is no big deal.

When you have an abundant pipeline filled with quality opportunities, rejection become insignificant because you have so many more leads to focus on.

Prospect like a madman. It's better to have too many leads in your pipeline than not enough. So find some good, consistent lead generation strategies and tap into your current network and client base often for referrals.

Having a full pipeline is a liberating feeling, because you adopt a mindset of abundance and begin to lose any attachment to the outcome with particular deals. Instead, you focus on serving your market and having quality, free flowing conversations - this lack of 'need' to close deals often increases your conversion rate because people sense your confidence.

3) Change your mindset. Let's face it, sales gets a bad rap. Even though most businesses and salespeople are offering services that genuinely help and impact others for the better, most of us still have that negative connotation in the back of our minds of the slimy used car salesman trying to pull a fast one on us.

If you have any inclination of this perception in your mind, then you won't reach you full potential in sales.

You need to believe 100% in your offer and genuinely care about helping your customers. When you can say with unshakable certainty and conviction "I'm helping my prospects to change their lives for the better" you will not fear rejection because you become 'other focused' instead of 'self focused'. In fact, it becomes your obligation and mission to help others with your amazing product.

Above all, consistency and time will help you to shake the fear of rejection. When you consistently put yourself out there to help others, not only do you become more comfortable with the sales process but you become more comfortable with rejection.

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