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We've served 700+ coaching & consulting companies to generate more clients - here's what they have to say about working with Outpace. 

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Robert Patin, Best Selling Author and Managing Partner Patin & Associates

"I've been working with Outpace Group team for almost 18 months. 


They have been instrumental in building out my LinkedIn strategy, creating effective sales messaging and strengthening my pipeline with quality and qualified leads.


They have provided a tremendous ROI of 35x so far, and we're not done yet."

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Sam Pearce, Owner,
Train Of Thought Consulting

"We've been running the campaign for several months and I've had incredible people coming into my calendar.

The ROI is 4:1 and it's been an amazing growth opportunity, for my revenue and client base.

The Outpace team wrote truly compelling copy that completely suits who I am and what I do. It's
EXACTLY what I have been looking for."

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David Feld, Owner, 
Audenreid Advisory

“My experience with Outpace has been excellent.


Leads came quickly and continued to grow consistently. There has been a fruitful interaction of message tweaking as our mutual experience has grown with my target audience. There have been zero negative moments.


I highly recommend Outpace. Four new clients signed as a result of the campaign within six months.”

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Holly Sedlacek, Owner, 
Know Your Pace Coaching

"I was recommended Outpace Group by another coach and I've been happy with the support, growth and consistency of the service.


I needed help with marketing and getting clients, and well, that's exactly what I received PLUS more.


Cameron has been generous with his time in also teaching me about sales/marketing. 


The Outpace team has been SO responsive. They are just really nice to work with. Starting your own company can be lonely but with Outpace Group, it has felt like I've been part of a team."

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Pattie Pantall, Leadership Coach, 
Pattie Pantall Coaching Ltd 

Outpace provided outstanding service for me and my business. Their ability to understand my mission and messaging for my ideal client base was excellent, and they created messages which outperformed my expectations. 


Having the pressure of outreach taken away and being able to have the confidence that Outpace would ensure high-quality, high-integrity outreach was really important to me.


Like many of us, it was difficult to trust this to someone else and Outpace went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.


The bottom line? I'm approaching a 4 x ROI - my sincere gratitude and I look forward to working with you again."

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Ronnell Richards, Founder, 
Business & Bourbon LLC

"I consider Cam to be an expert in direct outreach strategies.


I brought the Outpace team in to do work for me several years ago. I found that what separated his methods, techniques, and philosophies from competitors was keen attention to quality targeted outreach with strong alignment and relevant value propositions.


Cam also really understands the importance of the human element.


Many in the space rely on less effective technology-fueled solutions as a shortcut, he doesn't.


Cam isn't focused on superfluous metric; his focus is quality conversions. That's my language and what matters most to me.

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John Kennedy, Director,  Mental Performance Institute

"It's hard to know who to trust when choosing a marketing partner, when I decided to work with the Outpace team, I was pleasantly surprised!


They were able to craft effective go-to-market messaging and furnish great conversations with people I love to help and who can benefit from my unique services.


I have personally recommended Cameron and his team to several colleagues who have thanked me for the connection.


If you want to reach your market more efficiently without taking time away from what you love to do, I definitely recommend reaching out to Outpace".

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Stefanie Breyer, Founder, Breyer Coaching

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cameron who has been instrumental in helping me find qualified leads to grow my executive coaching practice.


Cameron's understanding of the executive coaching space enabled him to devise effective strategies to connect with potential clients. His expertise in refining my message resulted in a robust pipeline of qualified leads.

Cameron and his team genuinely care about their client's success. They provide timely support and guidance whenever needed."

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Lyn Cruickshank, Founder, 
Wallace Health

"We've worked with Outpace for the past year and been very impressed with their thoughtful and structured approach to lead generation campaigns, particularly using LinkedIn.


We have seen excellent results under Cameron's direction and he certainly understands how to generate interest and get a good ROI.


The Outpace team are very professional and responsive, with consistently high service levels."

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Luke Prebble, Founder,  Human Relations Ltd

"In the couple of months I've been working with Cameron and the team at Outpace, we've seen a significant uplift in the number of clients coming on board with us, thanks to the leads they've generated.


The use of copywriting principles rather than just the game of numbers clearly makes a marked difference, and the results are a testament to Cameron and his expertise."

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David Haimes,
Director, The Henley Coaching Partnership

"Cameron and his team are experts at lead generation via LinkedIn.


They really understand the platform and how to reach out to target clients in a non-obtrusive way.


We have had success in converting the leads generated and the ROI on this activity is strong for us."

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Emily Greer, Owner, Greer Leadership Solutions

"Outpace have done an excellent job creating a marketing campaign and maintaining excellent communications with those who are interested. In less than 2 months I've already gained business and am pleased with the pipeline. Outpace is professional and efficient, and if not for them, I would spend far more time chasing business!"

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Alison Joslyn, Owner,  Alison Joslyn Executive Coaching

"I have been working with Cameron and the Outpace Group for over 6 months. I was initially attracted to them, out of the many who had approached me, because of the messaging and Cameron's style, which is at the same time low-key, confident and highly competent.


I'm glad that I opted to work with them as Outpace has provided excellent support in helping me to connect much more efficiently through LinkedIn with potential clients.


As a result of my partnering with them, I have expanded my practice. I will continue to work with Outpace going forward and would highly recommend them to other coaches seeking to build their practices!"

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Treasa Fitzgibbon, Owner,  The Career Activist

"I would highly recommend Cameron and his team. I worked with them in recent months to help me scale my business.


Their experience allows them to provide expert insights into what works in the coaching space, how to create authentic marketing and outreach strategy.


This has been invaluable to my business. The team are a pleasure to work with, know their business and are very responsive.


They are also open to adapting their style as needed, based on client feedback. I would highly recommend working with Outpace group."

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Mark Ashton, CEO, 
The Resolving Group

We’re only just over one month into the campaign. Already the team have generated 3x the minimum level of qualified leads committed to contractually. One has decided to do business with us and three others are warm prospects. There is a consistent flow of new calls being booked.

Cameron and I have had a friendly debate about how to run the campaign. I’m one of those annoying, picky customers who thinks he might know better! However, I’ve trusted him to do what he thinks is right, and he and his delivering.

Cameron knows his stuff. A key reason we chose him is because he’s worked exclusively as a marketeer in the consulting and coaching sector for the last nine years."

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Sharon Aneja, Founder, Humanity Works Consultancy

"I absolutely loved working with Cameron and his team at the Outpace Group.


They have been fundamental in helping me to drive growth in my business and a real partner to me in this process, giving me advice and helping me to clarify my sales messaging.


They are trustworthy, reliable, kind and compassionate. All the qualities of a healthy and happy workplace, expertly led by Cameron.


I recommend working with them if you are interested in growing your business with a partner who will support you every step of the way with improving your sales messaging and generating a reliable sales pipeline."

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Carl Zuhl, Business Designer, Do Tank

Cameron is awesome to work with - he's truly a thinking partner and a solid collaborator. His methodology to build a sales pipeline that leads to new clients works!!


He and his team bring the energy and action to engage with the personas you want to focus on at scale.


I see Cameron and his team as a trusted source to be an extension of me.


Their approach is a proven process to make a large number of connections to have the conversations necessary to feed the sales pipeline.

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Sara Sabin, Director,
Sara Sabin International

I'm a big believer in quality over quantity and consciously choosing to cultivate key connections and relationships.


I have been working with Cam and Outpace for about a month now, and in general, I'd call the service thoughtful, en point with the messaging, and responsive.


It feels like working with a team of experts, which is what I'm looking for.


After only a month, I've achieved 3.5x ROI. Excited to see what the future holds and am confident that this is only the beginning! Thanks Cam.

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