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How to get more sales appointments - exchange value

Business is about adding value.

Exchanging value is all about giving something upfront to get something in return. And it's a powerful tool in your sales arsenal.

Most sales messages go something like this:

"Hi Jim, I'd like to introduce you to our services to you and learn about your business. Do you have 30 minutes next week?"

Think about this from the potential customer's perspective...

They get to spend 30 minutes listening to you pitch them, and ask a few cookie cutter questions that they've been asked by salespeople a million times before.

I don't know about you, but I can think of better ways to spend 30 minutes. Like staring out the window or watching paint dry.

The problem with this approach, is that no value was offered in exchange for that 30 minutes. There is nothing to gain from the customers view point. And therefore the person sending this message is unlikely to get many appointments on the calendar.

Instead, what if we approached this prospect by promising value in exchange for their 30 minutes of valuable time, with an approach like this:

"Hi Jim. We've worked with dozens of clients in your industry. And I'd like to share the 5 biggest opportunities to add to your revenue streams this year. Even if you don't decide to work with us, you'll have instant insights and ideas that you can apply right away. How does your schedule look for a 30-minute call next week?"

In this scenario, you've offered something up front. It's a small tweak in positioning that changes the prospects perception of you from a value taker to a value GIVER. Your prospect is way more likely to want to spend 30 minutes with you, if they can gain some new ideas and information on how they can make their business better. There's something in it for them!

Think about what value you can exchange in order to secure a meeting with your prospect.

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