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A checklist for writing your next sales message

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Whether you're a business owner or a salesperson, writing compelling direct messages will increase your sales and revenue.

If you haven't already downloaded our free Ultimate Direct Sales Message PDF, ( you can download it over at ) I strongly recommend you check that out. Something that goes along nicely with that powerhouse of a guide is this:

A mindset checklist to creating any direct marketing message.

The reality is, that most direct marketing fails.

Just think back to the last marketing DM or sales email you received. Did you respond?

The majority of marketing messages miss the mark because they're not customer-centric.

All too often, the message is self-absorbed. The marketer is thinking “what’s in this for me” instead of what’s in it for them!”.

But the reality is that there's an incredible opportunity to be had online through direct marketing.

Platforms like LinkedIn, countless email software providers and Facebook are more profitable than ever because direct marketing works when it’s done well. But if it’s not done well, it’s a waste of time and money. So it pays (literally) to make sure your messages are effective...

The good news is that by following proven, time-tested approaches to copywriting. Approaches that have been used for decades by successful marketers (but most marketers still ignore), you can and will successfully generate leads and sales through direct marketing.

What should a direct marketing message include?

  • Focus on the customer, not you.

  • Highlight key challenges that YOUR customers will relate with.

  • Create social proof, to show prospect’s you’re just another salesperson.

  • Paint a picture of your solution and HOW it would solve your prospect’s problem.

  • Provide a clear, simple, easy call to action for potential customers to take the next step.

These are the core pillars that every direct marketing message should achieve. Whether that is on LinkedIn, email or any other online marketing platform.

Direct marketing gets a lot of stick. You may even find yourself on the receiving end of an angry connection or subscriber that shuns you for daring to sell to them.

But the fact is that if your message is on point. If it is focused on service. Then you will receive far more positive feedback, and far more qualified leads. And yes... there will always be one angry keyboard warrior that has a pop at you for daring to sell to them... no matter how good your message is. Welcome to sales :)

And remember...

Don't skip the last step, easy to follow Call To Action (CTA). What is the next step in your sales process? For example, a discovery call, demonstration, face to face meeting. Clearly direct your prospect to this action.

Test it, see how your customers respond.

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