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Robert Patin, Best Selling Author and Managing Partner - Patin & Associates

"Having worked with Cameron and the Outpace Group team for almost 18 months, they have been instrumental in building out my LinkedIn strategy, creating effective sales messaging and strengthening my pipeline with quality and qualified leads. They have provided a tremendous ROI of 35x so far, and we're not done yet."

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David Feld, Owner - 
Audenreid Advisory

“My experience with Cameron and his team has been excellent. Leads came quickly and continued to grow consistently. There has been a fruitful interaction of message tweaking as our mutual experience has grown with my target audience. There have been zero negative moments. I highly recommend Outpace. Four new clients signed as a result of the campaign within six months.”

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“Cameron and his team have a mastery in understanding your market. To approach a CEO or Executive of an international corporation, and to make them curious is tough, but the team do it very well.”

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Lance Tanaka, Managing Director - Tanaka Group

"Outpace Group have done an amazing job for us. Their people are highly responsive and have generated quality leads for us in multiple cities and countries."

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Mike Burns, Founder - 
Asia Growth Solutions

 “I wanted to reduce my time spent searching for qualified leads, and so far my experience working with Cameron and his team is great. Within two months I had signed two new clients. My ROI within two months is at 500%”

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Alexander Keehnen, Managing Director - Earn More Work Less

"They have not only delivered results, but they have also helped us understand the psychology of sales. After just 6 weeks investment, we have a 500% ROI, truly outstanding! We look forward to working together for many years to come”

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Sara Sabin, Owner - 
Sara Sabin Coaching International

"I'm a big believer in quality over quantity and consciously choosing to cultivate key connections and relationships. Working with Outpace feels like working with a team of experts, which is what I'm looking for. After only a month, I've achieved 3.5x ROI. Excited to see what the future holds and am confident that this is only the beginning!"

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Maureen Ennis, CEO

“Having tried several agencies with no results, I decided to work with Cameron and his team because they had a proven track record in delivering results in the coaching and consulting industry. After a few months of working together, I’ve achieved a Return On Investment of around 500% from our work together".

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Mais Alhasan, Founder
- Rise Training & Development

“Cameron and his team over-delivered what they promised us. They're attentive, quick to action and always ready to serve with heart. They provided us with a sales structure that made complicated tasks simple. OPG are not only a service provider, we consider them our partners and greatest allies on our journey to excellence”