We've partnered with 250+ companies in the coaching and consulting space, helping them to leverage the most powerful B2B platform in the world - LinkedIn. 


During that time, we've helped them consistently add new clients from companies like Merck, Nokia, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, BNY Mellon, Baker Hughes, Vodafone, plus countless small to medium-sized businesses.


The solution is a steady but consistent flow of monthly conversations, with qualified decision-makers that have a real challenge and are looking for a solution.


Easier said than done, but we've proven for many businesses that it's possible. 

Our lead generation campaigns are focused on quality and our clients average a 20% conversion rate on the leads we supply. 


Qualification is crucial, we ensure every lead we generate is:

1) Within your target market avatar.

2) Has a genuine challenge related to your solution.

3) Is actively looking for a solution like yours.

4) Is scheduled into your calendar for a one to one conversation.

We're so confident in our lead generation approach that we guarantee results on every single campaign. 



If you have a business, we have the words. 

Here's our philosophy on high-performing copy. While everyone else is shouting about how great they are… You focus on your customer. Your copy strives to help them reach their aspirations. It solve their challenges. It focuses on benefits. It helps them take action. 


Your copy should be able to convert casual passers-by into genuine leads, and eventually paying customers.


At OPG, we’ve worked with 250+ businesses just like yours. We help you tell your story and install great copy into the DNA of your business that will:


  • Build your brand. 

  • Generate more leads. 

  • Add value to your audience. 

  • Create better customer loyalty.

  • Clearly articulate your value propositions.

  • Grow your business and make more sales.


We have you covered on every single one of your copywriting needs, including:

- Website copy 

- Marketing copy 

- Lead generation copy

- Email marketing copy

- Lead magnets, ebooks, and white papers



Converting digital leads is a different challenge to that of referrals or other kinds of leads. 

Having immersed ourselves in business development for many years, working alongside clients to grow their businesses, we realized that building a pipeline is important, but even more important is turning the leads in your pipeline to clients.

Our Sales Strategy service is designed to carefully engineer your sales process to stack the odds in your favour.


We help you map out every single step of your sales process including:


  • How to conduct your sales meetings

  • How to build value for your services

  • How to increase momentum with leads

  • How to overcome objections

  • How to price your services

  • How to close sales

  • How to solve specific sticking points

Our unique focus on converting digital leads sets us apart from theoretical trainers or consultants. We'll work with you on the hands-on, practical aspects of converting more clients from your online marketing efforts.  

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